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Writing Letters

The Letter

Single-Scene Opera

Soprano, Mezzo, Piano, Two actors, 

Duration: 8-10 minutes

Language: English

RELATED:  #Serious  #Womxn  #Political   #Aleatoric

Content warning: harassment

The Letter is a single-scene opera of voiceless faces and faceless voices, with each entity possessing its set of loyalties.


On the surface, a "woman" receives a letter from a "man" in which he proclaims his adulation and adoration. But these are words that she has not asked for. The seemingly universal nature of this nameless letter is underscored by its text, featuring excerpts of celebrated "love poems" by men through the ages. The exchange is further complicated by the layers of characters on stage, suggesting a performative nature in every reality.


Sweet lady,

The grief of my heart

The joy of my eye.

Tender as dew,

Impetuous as rain.

A sweet voice of music 

from those lips I long to taste.

The Letter, performed by Shruthi Rajasekar (soprano), Sarah LeVan (mezzo), Andrew Lovett (piano), Solène LeVan ("Woman"), Peter Foster ("Man"), 2018. New Jersey, USA 

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