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I'm an Indian-American composer and vocalist born and raised in Minnesota. I attended college at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA) and currently live and study in the UK. Growing up as the daughter of a world-renowned musician, I was fortunate to have early exposure to rich traditional music and unique cross-cultural collaborations. I trained in Carnatic music for several years and learned piano before becoming a student of Western classical vocal music― as a chorister and then as a soloist.

This multi-faceted musical environment lit the creative fire in me. I write music that explores intersections in my South Indian and Western classical background, my diasporic identity, and my interests across genres and artistic disciplines. In my quest to keep growing, I occupy myself with this balance:  sharing transcultural experiences in order to bring people together while upholding my belief in the importance of representation and advocacy. I am constantly learning, and I hope that my music and my writing expose and educate, too. 

You can read my formal bios, find out about my music, listen to me on SoundCloud and YouTube, see my upcoming eventsand, if you'd like, purchase available scores. You can also follow me on social media. 


Please reach out to me at shruthirmusic@gmail.com― I love hearing about new projects! In addition to Traditional Concert Composing, I enjoy scoring films, guiding cross-cultural studio productions*, making electronic jams**, vocal accompanying, experimental improvising, voiceover work, and songwriting.

If it involves sound, I'm in.


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** Sounds tasty.

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