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See it, say it, sorted.

Like trains? Enjoy (gently) poking fun at PSAs? Seeking some manic choral music?

Well, seek no further: my piece Sorted., is now published by Stainer & Bell! Sorted. sets the text of the infamous UK National Rail security announcement advising its passengers to "see it, say it," and they'll ensure it's "sorted". Hmph! Check out the piece here

These words, which are likely overfamiliar to the average UK train passenger, seemed quite curious upon my first hearing:

If you see something that doesn’t look right, speak to staff or text British Transport Police on 61016. We’ll sort it. See it. Say it. Sorted. Crown Copyright. Used by permission

It was the "sorted" at the end (instead of the more obvious choice, "sort it") that would greatly amuse me each time I'd take a train in the UK. Discovering the pleasure of train travel is also embedded into the piece in a few sweeping melodic lines that are juxtaposed against the straightforward text. But as it progresses, Sorted. turns sour, reminding us that an appeal for vigilance can have serious consequences when it calls for citizens to spy on their neighbors.

Stainer & Bell interviewed me about the piece and how my life in the UK inspired me to write it. Here's an excerpt:

See the full interview here.

Sorted. is cheeky, irreverent, a bit deranged, eager, sweet, and a little sinister. I hope you'll check it out!


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