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Red Lantern


Solo Clarinet in G, Indian drone

Duration: 5-6 minutes

Ost, written for the Greek Klarino (Clarinet in G) and Indian drone, explores questions of “otherness” in our understanding of “Eastern”. In various European languages, “ost” is the root of “Eastern”, and as the traditional epicenter of the West, Europe has historically been contrasted with “the East”. For me, a hard dichotomy between the two is complicated by my background in both Western classical and Carnatic (South Indian classical) music and my identity as an Indian-American. In Ost, I use both of my traditions, within the context of idiomatic Greek ornamentation, to blur the distinctions drawn between other and self.

Written for Dov Goldberg, Psappha "Compose For...", UK, 2019 

Ost, recorded by Dov Goldberg (clarinet), 2019. Manchester, UK

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