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Wet grass

Morning Dew

Veena, Bass clarinet, Marimba,

Vibraphone, Piano

Duration: 6 minutes

After Nirmala Rajasekar's "Summer Rain" comes Morning Dew, the dance of natural life emerging in the new day. Composed in a seven-beat cycle in a brand new raga (janyam of Charukesi), Morning Dew is at once delicate and energetic, earnest and joyful. 

Commissioned by Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble, USA, 2011

Morning Dew, performed by Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Heather Barringer (marimba), Patti Cudd (vibraphone), Pat O'Keefe (bass clarinet), and Shannon Wettstein (piano), 2011. Minnesota, USA 

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