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I saw You and I danced

Cello and Piano 

Duration: 5-6 minutes

RELATED:  #Joy  #Identity  #Love  #Spiritual

Photo Credit: Shruthi Rajasekar

I became curious about dance and devotion because of Errollyn Wallen’s Dervish. One particular text that I came across stayed with me— a passage from the second Book of Samuel in which David danced for the Lord with might and joy. This abandon, this exuberant movement made me consider how we can truly express ourselves to the ones we love. Not, “I saw you and I dithered,” or, “I saw you and I loved you but I was too urbane to say anything,” but, instead, living our lives with honesty, with integrity, with pure might and joy: “I saw You and I danced.”

Commissioned by the Royal Northern College of Music, UK, 2020

I saw You and I danced, performed by Rob Wheatley (cello) and Maria Luc (piano), 2020. Manchester, UK.

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