Green Fingers

Choir: SSAATTBB a cappella 

Duration: 3 minutes

Language: English

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Photo Credit: Shruthi Rajasekar


o land! o land!

we coax small seeds from rich dark earth

she kindles the corn from green husk to gold he sets new stalks twisting skyward

they put down roots where we rooted stand

together we walk
the rows and rows
our muddy hands
like tendrils intertwined

our land!
our land!
we hold each other’s dusty hands

the garden —our garden— nourishes flourishes feeds us:
at sundown
we sit down and eat

-Anna Leader


I find Anna Leader's lovely poem about a community tending its garden to be a beautiful reflection on the importance of long-term diligence (in bearing fruits, so to speak) and the power of "walking together". Only the combination of the two can turn "green husk" into "gold".

Anna wrote this poem specifically for musical purposes, which is perhaps why her natural analogy is so apt. Like a garden, a choir provides sustenance for its members and audiences; at the culminating concert, the two come together to sit down and share their feast.

Shortlisted for the London Oriana Choir Five15 Competition, 2019

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