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Dagian à deux

Violin duet

Duration: ~5 minutes

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Photo Credit: Shruthi Rajasekar

Dagian à deux borrows melodic ideas from the Indian raga Desh. The raga's name means "country" and its vigorous form can be a joyful celebration, but a slow uncoiling of the idiomatic phrases brings a different image to my mind: golden morning steadily rising over the waves of Marina Beach in Chennai, India.

In Old English, dagian means "to dawn", and I was taken with the idea that dawn could be an active occurrence. In this piece, the two instrumentalists are traveling over the horizon with the sun in tow. They glide as sisters; distinct creatures who share spirit and breath.

Dagian à deux, recorded by Solène LeVan (violin) and Sarah LeVan (violin), 2016. London, UK

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