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Choir: SATB div. a cappella
Duration: 3-4 minutes

Language: English

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Photo Credit: Shruthi Rajasekar


If you see something that doesn't look right, speak to staff or text British Transport Police on 61016. We'll sort it. See it, say it, sorted.

Program Note:

For some years, the security announcement ‘See it. Say it. Sorted.’ has been an integral part of the soundscape across the whole of the UK rail network. Whatever the delays and detours, or the elasticity of time as journeys stretched out or raced to their conclusions, this message punctuated the experience with unceasing regularity, causing my US American friends and me some amusement as we sampled the delights of train travel. But perhaps because it was ubiquitous, not only could its meaning have been easily overlooked – be vigilant at all times – it could also potentially distract from a more insidious interpretation, namely the legitimizing of a surveillance state where governments encourage citizens to be inherently suspicious of their neighbors.

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