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Upcoming "Schemes"

I'm really excited to be participating in "schemes" (as they're called over here!) with two great UK musical organizations. I'm doing Psappha's 2018-2019 edition of Composing For..., in which I get to write a solo piece for an Eastern European folk instrument! The piece will be recorded and filmed in March 2019.

And, as was officially announced today, I'm part of the inaugural Young Composer Scheme of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB), in partnership with NMC Recordings. This year-long project will culminate in choral pieces and recordings sometime in 2020!

I'm so grateful to these two organizations for running such incredible programs and championing a wide range of young composers; I get to do these programs with *amazing* co-musicians! All of this is thanks to my friend, mentor, and awesome composer Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade who keeps me informed and on my toes :-)

Will share recordings and performance details once I have them!


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