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MPR: Numbers in the Classroom

Numbers, my choral composition written for the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, has been transformed into a classroom resource!

Centered around three types of counting, Numbers can be interpreted in many ways -- as an ode to the mathematical patterns in everyday life, as an example of the rehearsal process in practice, as a treatise assigning characteristics to the sexagesimal, decimal, and binary numerical systems, and, simply, as a pretty fun piece. YourClassical and Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) have brought their own spin to the digits with this exciting classroom video and corresponding guide. The resources are designed for grades 2-8, but honestly, I think anyone will enjoy their awesome take:

The video has been created by the fabulous team at Venn Media Production ... and even features a 'cameo' from the composer! I've got to say, I don't think my name has ever looked cooler :)

It's the fantastic National Youth Choir of Great Britain (dir. Ben Parry) singing in this particular recording (released by NMC Recordings). NYCGB's performance first drew the attention of YourClassical & MPR when they interviewed me in radio and in print, plus featured me in this line-up.

I had a lot of fun recording my part in the video -- not to mention, I gained several new insights about Numbers and what this piece can mean through collaborating with Katie Condon (MPR Education Specialist) and the Venn team; my thanks to them. I look forward to hearing how the digits newly resonate with you!


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