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Album Release: NMC & NYCGB

Composers, clockwise: Harry Baker, Lillie Harris, Joanna Ward, Shruthi Rajasekar

I'm THRILLED to share that my album with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, released by NMC Recordings, is now available worldwide! The culmination of our year-long collaboration, this digital album features brand new choral works by myself, Lillie Harris, Harry Baker, and Joanna Ward. We worked with the National Youth Choir and the NYCGB Fellowship Octet to develop these pieces on the themes of Discovery and Identity.

My first track, Numbers, is an ode to the precious digits that help us organize our music and our lives. It's the song that kicks off the album, and you're meant to dance along-- don't hold back. On the other end of the emotional spectrum is did you know; this one is a challenging topic, and I hope you'll take time to process it. A few writers I recommend in the liner notes are Javier Zamora, Antonio López, and Sheryl Luna.

Meanwhile, the other composers have written a wide range of brilliant works. In fact, I was lucky enough to sing on the recording of Harry Baker's Might Live Happy! My colleagues share experiences of intrepid men and fearless womxn, of folklore and homegrown heroes, of the past, of the future, of our communal hope.

Listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or by download.


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